Advanced Topics in Data-Driven Medicine (Seminar)

Location: MTZ Seminar Room, Pauwelstr. 19, 3rd floor room 3.04

Recommended Previous Knowledge: Machine Learning, Introduction to Bioinformatics, Data Science

Credits: 4

Lecturers: Ivan G. Costa


In this seminar, students will learn about advanced algorithms (deep learning, graph signal processing, dimension reduction) and their use in medically relevant multimodality data (genomics, single-cell sequencing, pathology and text). Students will have the opportunity to research a pre selected topic with relevant usability in the field, as well as hear interesting summaries presented by other students. It’s expected that every student will be able to present their findings in a 20-30 minute presentation, as well as in the form of a small written report.


Kickoff meeting: 7.10.2024 – 9:00 – 11:00

Project Development: 14.10.2024 – 6.1.2025

Seminars: 13.1.2025 and 20.1.2025 – 9:00 – 11:00


Graph Signal Processing in Genomics; Deep generative modeling for Spatial Genomics; Deep learning for Digital Pathology and Spatial Genomics; Multimodal Deep Learning (text and image) for disease diagnosis; Transformer models and application to genomic sequences; Recurrent Neural Networks for basecalling in novel sequencing technologies